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Cy Coleman: Anthology (noty na klavír, zpěv, akordy na kytaru)
  • Cy Coleman: Anthology (noty na klavír, zpěv, akordy na kytaru)
  • Cy Coleman: Anthology (noty na klavír, zpěv, akordy na kytaru)

Cy Coleman: Anthology (noty na klavír, zpěv, akordy na kytaru)

Expedice: Obvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů




Klavír, zpěv, kytara.


A Moment Of Madness
Baby Dream Your Dream (Sweet Charity)
Big Spender (Sweet Charity)
City Of Angels Theme
Come Follow The Band (Barnum)
Here's To Us (Little Me)
Hey There, Good Times (I Love My Wife)
Hey, Look Me Over (Wildcat)
I Love My Wife (I Love My Wife)
I Walk A Little Faster
If My Friends Could See Me Now (Sweet Charity)
I'm A Brass Band (Sweet Charity)
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
I'm In Love Again
It Amazes Me
It's Not Where You Start (Seesaw)
I've Got Your Number (Little Me)
Join The Circus (Barnum)
Little Me (Little Me)
Lost And Found (City Of Angels)
My Personal Property (Sweet Charity)
Nobody Does It Like Me (Seesaw)
Our Private World (On The Twentieth Century)
Playboy's Theme
Poor Everybody Else (Seesaw)
Real Live Girl (Little Me)
Rules Of The Road
Seesaw (Seesaw)
Someone Wonderful I Missed (I Loved My Life)
Southern Comfort (Welcome To The Club)
Stay With Me (City Of Angels)
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Colors Of My Life (Barnum)
The Other Side Of The Tracks (Little Me)
The Rhythm Of Life (Sweet Charity)
The Riviera
Then Was Then And Now Is Now
There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This (Sweet Charity)
To Be A Performer (Little Me)
When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)
Where Am I Going? (Sweet Charity)
Why Try To Change Me Now?
With Every Breath I Take (City Of Angels)
You Can Always Count On Me (City Of Angels)
You Fascinate Me So
You There In The Back Row (13 Days To Broadway)
You're Nothing Without Me (City Of Angels)

DOSTUPNOSTObvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Katalogové čísloHL00313434
Aranžmánoty na klavír, noty na zpěv, akordy na kytaru, texty písní
Kód aranžmáPVG
Náročnost3 - Středně pokročilý (mírně zjednodušená aranžmá, stupeň 4-6)
FormátUmělcův zpěvník
Hudební žánrfilm a TV, muzikál
NakladatelChrysalis Music Ltd
Počet stran240
AutorstvíColeman, Cy (Composer)

detaily produktu

Cy Coleman: Anthology - PVG (noty, klavír, zpěv, kytara)

původní popisek

With 26 musical shows and hundreds of songs to his credit, Cy Coleman is the gold standard of musical theatre perfection. This anthology features 50 of his greatest tunes, including:

Big Spender, I Love My Wife, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Never Met a Man I Didn't Like, The Rhythm of Life, Witchcraft, You Can Always Count on Me and more, plus a foreword by Larry Gelbart.

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