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The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (ilustrované texty písní)

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (ilustrované texty písní)
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Ilustrované texty písní.

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics (ilustrované texty písní)


Další informace

DOSTUPNOST:  Obvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Jazyk:  English
Katalogové číslo:  OP55033
Aranžmá:  Ilustrované texty písní
Kód aranžmá:  LYRICS
Médium:  Obrazová publikace
Formát:  Texty písní
Hudební žánr:  Rock
Nakladatel:  Omnibus Press
Počet stran:  224
ISBN:  9781780388250
Původní popisek:  The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics was a coming together of the era’s greatest band and one of its leading graphic designers. Alan Aldridge, a friend of the band, was able to commission the leading illustrators of the day to accompany the band's words with their own highly imaginative pictures. The Beatles’ lyrics might have spoken for themselves… but the illustrations added something extra special. Supplemented with photographs, that unique book capturedthe spirit of the times like no other. Now this brand new edition gives a classic publication a completely new life. Containing the lyrics of many of the most famous Beatles songs – from Can’t Buy Me Love and A Hard Day’s Night to I Am the Walrus, Revolution and Hey Jude – here is the one and only Beatles Illustrated Lyrics. Alan Aldridge burst upon the creative world of sixties London with his imaginative designs and colour-rich images, capturing the dreams and hallucinations of a generation – in The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics , on album covers for The Who, Cream and Elton John among others, and on innovative covers for Penguin Books.
Autorství:  Beatles, The (Composer)
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