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Queen: The Early Years (Paperback Edition)

Queen: The Early Years (Paperback Edition)
Cena: 265 Kč
Životopis v angličtině.
Queen: The Early Years (Paperback Edition) (životopis v angličtině)

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DOSTUPNOST:  Obvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Jazyk:  Angličtina
Katalogové číslo:  OP49654
Aranžmá:  Životopis v angličtině
Kód aranžmá:  BOOK
Médium:  Kniha
Formát:  Hudební biografie
Hudební žánr:  Pop, Rock
Nakladatel:  Omnibus Press
Počet stran:  210
ISBN:  9781844490127
Původní popisek:  This classic account of the birth of a legendary group is the truly authentic version of Queen's rise to stardom.

Author Mark Hodkinson interviewed over 60 friends and colleagues of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon to piece together a fascinating jigsaw of anecdotes from the days when the future superstars were playing with bands like The Reaction, The Opposition, 1984 and Sour Milk.

Intimate, suprising and meticulously researched, Queen: The Early Years is a riveting read accompanied by many previously unseen early photographs of the four band mambers.

Autorství:  Queen (Artist), Hodkinson, Mark (Author)
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