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Muse: Drones (Guitar Tab) (noty, taby na kytaru)

Muse: Drones (Guitar Tab) (noty, taby na kytaru)
Cena: 533 Kč

Noty, taby na kytaru.


Dead Inside
The Globalist
The Handler 

Muse: Drones (Guitar Tab) (noty, taby na kytaru)


Další informace

DOSTUPNOST:  Obvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Jazyk:  Angličtina
Katalogové číslo:  0571539238
Aranžmá:  Noty, taby na kytaru
Kód aranžmá:  TAB
Médium:  Hudebnina
Formát:  Kytarové album
Hudební žánr:  Rock
Nakladatel:  Faber Music Limited
Počet stran:  103
ISBN:  9780571539239
Původní popisek:  Muse are a contemporary English rock band, who are known and loved across the world for their energetic live performances and their “old skool” approach to rock. Their seventh studio album, Drones, went straight to Number 1 in both the UK and US charts when it was released in June 2015. The album aims to explore the journey of a human, starting from their abandonment and loss of hope, through indoctrination as a “Drone”, and ending with their rebellion and defection. This official matching songbook features all the tracks from the album, arranged for Guitar with tablature and lyrics. There is also a selection of artwork from the original album, designed by the American artist Matt Mahurin. A must for any aspiring rock musician!
Autorství:  Muse (Artist)
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