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Jeff Burger: Springsteen On Springsteen

Jeff Burger: Springsteen On Springsteen
Cena: 564 Kč
Životopis v angličtině.
Jeff Burger: Springsteen On Springsteen (životopis v angličtině)

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DOSTUPNOST:  Obvykle odesíláme do 5-10 pracovních dnů
Jazyk:  Angličtina
Katalogové číslo:  OP55308
Aranžmá:  Životopis v angličtině
Kód aranžmá:  BOOK
Médium:  Kniha
Formát:  Hudební biografie
Nakladatel:  Omnibus Press
Počet stran:  448
ISBN:  9781783050413
Původní popisek:  "

Bruce Springsteen has always taken interviews seriously. As he told critic Neil Strauss in 1995, ""If I have some work that I've done and want to talk about, that's why I end up doing interviews"".

Here is an unprecedented collection of Springsteenon Springsteen, spanning the past four decades.

It begins in 1973, when he is earning $75 a week and struggling to emerge from the New Jersey bar circuit.It ends in 2012, by which time The Boss has achieved worldwide fame and has shared a platform with the likes of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

This collection features interviews by well-known media figures including, US talk show host Charlie Rose, novelist Nick Hornby, and rock critics Paul Williams and Neil Strauss.

It also includes rare gems from smaller periodicals that even serious Springsteen fans may not know.

In addition are transcripts of radio and TV interviews that have not previously appeared in print.

Taken together they trace the unique trajectory of an incomparable artist hanging onto his integrity throughout the days of youthful ambition and – a bigger challenge – the years of superstardom.

Autorství:  BURGER, JEFF (Author)
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